Tormented DemonsEdit

Name Tormented Demon
Combat 450
Aggressive No
Team No
Attack Style Melee/Magic
Max Hit 20
100% Drop Ashes

High-leveled demons reccomended for experienced players. These monsters are the sole home to the popular and elusive "Dragon Claws," a prize sought after by many. Dangerous, but rewarding.


The location of these monsters is located under the 'Boss teleport' in your spellbook. Donators also have an exclusive zone for these monsters to themselves.


These monsters are rather difficult to kill, and they hit fairly hard, fairly often. They're known max hit is 20, and they used both magic and melee combat.


Common DropsEdit

Name Quantity
Cape (orange) 1
Shrimps (noted) 230
Death Rune 30
Rune Arrow 42
Rune Sword 1
Rune Kiteshield 1
Rune 2h Sword 1
Rune chainbody 1
Rune Battleaxe 1
Dragon Spear 1

Uncommon Drops

Name Quantity
Dragon Claws 1
Dragon Platelegs 1
Ruined Dragon Armour Lump 1
Dagon'hai Robe Top (Glitched) 1

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