Rock CrabsEdit

Capture 002
Name Rock Crab
Combat 13
Aggressive No
Team No
Attack Style Melee
Max Hit 1
100% Drop Bones

The basic training monster for any new player joining Uncalled Attack. It's key for new players to always kill these first, whether or not you lose items for the first 15 minutes of the game. Rock Crabs will always be the best starter monster there is on Uncalled Attack.


You will find these in your spell book. You would use the spell that was originated for the Varrock teleport [ which is now called the monster teleport that was adjusted for adding a faster route to obtain to different monsters], you will see a "Rock Crabs." All you have to do is click on the words "Rock Crabs" and you will be with them.


The combat for them is very easy. You will not need any supplies with you to defeat one of these, not even a weapon. Rock Crabs are the starter monsters for killing, meaning that you will not need any food, potions, equipment of any kind; you can just use your fists if you want to. Their max hit is a one, but they rarely will ever hit that; only if you're unlucky.


Common DropsEdit

Name Quantity
Coins 450
Uncut Ruby 1
Uncut Emerald 1
Uncut Sapphire 1

Uncommon DropsEdit

Name Quantity
Spinach Roll 1
Dragonstone 1
Mithril Scimitar 1
Diamond 1

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