King Black DragonEdit

Name King Black Dragon
Combat 276
Aggressive No
Team Yes
Attack Style Magic/Melee
Max Hit 60 (approx.)
100% Drop Dragon Bones, Black D-leather

This is among the most well known bosses for being a three headed dragon, the only of it's kind. It spews large powerful balls of fire from it's mouth and has a devastating melee attack.


You can teleport to the outskirts of its' lair using the boss teleport to 'King Black Dragon.' Afterward, enter the gate east, and climb down the stairs. Proceed to head north and you will run into the almighty KBD (King Black Dragon).


This beasts' fire hits extremely high if you aren't careful, so make sure to wear an Anti-Dragon Shield , or a Dragonfire Shield to take some of the hit for you. Plenty of food is highly reccomended, as well as potions. A team of High-leveled players is also highly recommended.


Common DropsEdit

Name Quantity
Rune Sword 1
Rune Longsword 1
Rune Thrownaxe 20
Rune Javelin 20
Rune Platelegs 1
Blood Rune 150

Uncommon DropsEdit

Name Quantity
Dragon Full Helm 1
Draconic Visage 1
Dragon Platelegs 1
Dragon Plateskirt 1

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