Name Kalphite Queen
Combat 333
Agressive No
Team Yes
Attack Style Melee, Ranged, Magic
Max Hit 52
100% Drop


Kalphite QueenEdit

The Kalphite Queen, my personal favorite boss.


Found at the cave stairs located at your home [Ardougne]. Enter the tunnel and there you will fine the Kalphite Queen and all of her minions around. The only way to get to the Kalphite Queen is through those cave stairs at Ardougne, that's your home teleport. Once you're there you will want to walk westwards towards the Kalphite Queen. You will have to clear out a few of the Kalphite Workers and Kalphite Soliders that are aggressive.


You will need to bring good melee gear because he uses prayer against magic and ranging, foods and/or potions if you want to kill her; she's not easy to kill. Once you clear out a few Kalphite Workers and Kalphite Soliders, then you will be able to fight the Kalphite Queen. The Kalphite Workers will be the easiest challenge for you, but they still can hit a pretty decent amount. The Kalphite Soliders will be hitting pretty hard. They commonly hit 18's through even great armours such as Verac's or Torag's. The Kalphite Queen is not aggressive, so you will have enough time to drink your pots, eat your food, and/or turn on your prayers. Once you start the fight, she will use melee, ranged and magic spells on you. She has plenty of health that you will need to remove to get to the drops.

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