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Divine Spirit Shield

The Divine Spirit Shiled is a shield that people class as rare, and they are a very rare shield, The divine spirit shield is obtained from the corporeal beast , The corporeal beast is one if not the hardest monster in the game to kill. The beast does not actually drop the whole shield, he drops the Divine sigil. This needs to then be attatched to a "blessed spirit shield" which requires 85 smithing.

The requirements for the divine spirit shield is 75 defence,although the requirements for the blessed spirit shield are 70 defence.


Divine Spirit Shield

Blessed spirit shield

Blessed Spirit Shield

Attack bonus:
Stab +0
Slash +0
Crush +0
Magic +0
Range +0
Defence Bonus:
Stab +73
Slash +75
Crush +85
Magic +12
Range +67
Other bonuses:
Strength +0
Prayer +3

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