Attack Bonuses:Edit


Slash: +78
Crush: -2
Magic: 0
Range: 0
Defense Bonuses:Edit
Stab: 0
Slash: +2
Crush: +1
Magic: 0
Range: 0
Other Bonuses:Edit
Strength: +101
Prayer: 0
C rapier

Chaotic Rapier

Capture 003

Slayer Point Exchange


You get the Chaotic Rapier from doing slayer taks received from Duradel, each slayer task can give you a range from 1-5 slayer points. The cost of the Choatic Rapier is 250 slayer points. Once you have the 250 slayer points you can receive the Chaotic Rapier from the store "Slayer Point Exchange" in home.


The store "Slayer Point Exchange" can be found at Home teleport.

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