Amulet of fury

Amulet Of Fury


Amulet of Fury

The amulet of fury is one used for fighting, The amulet is the most powerful amulet in the game. The amulet requires 90 crafting to make and you can wear it at any level. The amulet is not obtained as one, you first need to go to the "TzHaar caves" and kill the "TzHaar-Xil" These will drop and uncut oynx, you will then need a chisel, which you can get from the "Skill master" at the skill teleport. To use on the uncut oynx which then makes the amulet providing you have 90 crafting.



Attack Bonus:
Stab +10
Slash +10
Cruch +10
Magic +10
Range +10
Defence Bonus:
Stab +15
Slash +15
Crush +15
Magic +15
Range +15
Other bonuses:
Strength +8
Prayer +5

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